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The Economy and Jobs

I'm your small government, low taxes, refined regulations candidate.  I have entrepreneurial experience, and I'm a staunch believer of Reaganomics.  I understand the government does not help the job seeker by punishing the job maker.  I have experience helping people evaluate the quality of corporations, and I understand what is takes to attract businesses to House District 14.  I'm ready to go after great companies and show them the financial appeal of our district.   

Interstate 25, The Gap

Adding two additional lanes to the Gap of I-25 is a very high priority to me.  We will need a fourth lane within five years of building a third.  Also, it is cheaper to build the third and fourth lanes at the same time.  Let’s plan for the future and build two additional lanes now.  I see so much waste in state government. We have the money for two additional general purpose, no toll, lanes. We just need to stop wasting money on nonessential projects.

Crime Prevention

As a former inner-city police officer and field training officer in Kansas City, Missouri and a candidate with two graduate degrees in the criminal justice fields, I have significant knowledge and experience in crime prevention.  We must be tough on crime.  I have seen drugs decimate a community.  I have witnessed weak laws provide an opening to criminals. I understand how poor educational and family structures influence criminality.  We must recognize how some progressive policies actually attract crime. 

We must focus on increasing police response time in House District 14, and make sure we have an adequate number of officers/deputies on duty during every shift.  We must work on less over-lap of services with Colorado Springs Police Department to assure efficient use of resources and funding.  

Already, I have close relationships with our Sherriff and District Attorney, and I'm ready to work with them on keeping our community safe.  Lastly, we must respect our brothers and sisters in blue.  The police serve and sacrifice their safety each day and we must not forget their heroism.   

The 2nd. Amendment

My view on the 2nd. Amendment is very simple.  You have a God given right to protect yourself and your family, and this right in protected by the U.S. Constitution.  As regulation of citizen ownership of firearms increase, the chance of tyranny increases as well.  Each citizen knows the best way to protect themselves and their family, not the government.  I will fight to make sure your 2nd. Amendment right is not infringed. 


Working in the inner-city and as a child clinical psychotherapist, I witnessed first-hand how a poor educational system can negatively impact a community.  Education and schools is a very serious topic for me.  I'm an advocate of disbanding the Education Department and bringing more authority under local control.  Local communities know what's best for their community.  Families know what's best for their family.  I dislike bureaucrats in Washington D.C. implementing regulations onto our local schools.  My daughter will be starting kindergarten next year.  Just like you, I want my child to have the best education we can offer.   


As a former police officer, I have seen how drug use can decimate families and lives.  Since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, we have seen increased drug use by adults and high school students, increased marijuana associated DUIs, and increased transient and homeless people in our area. A high percentage of marijuana related homicides have taken place as well.  I have a "Not in my backyard" mentality with this issue.  I will fight to keep marijuana dispensaries out of our district. 

Roads and Bridges

Clearly, I-25 is one of the top infrastructure issues in our area. However, and as we all know, we have other roads and bridges that need attention.  Our infrastructure is not just a safety issue, but highly correlated with our economy and revenue.  Adequate roads and bridges play a significant part in attracting businesses and jobs to our area. I understand the ROI on roads and bridges spending is a wise investment. 

Suicide Prevention

Suicide is a tough issue in our community.  Colorado Springs is #5 in the nation in suicides, and Academy District 20 has suffered the most student suicides out of any school district in Colorado.  These are shocking statistics, and truthfully, down right unacceptable.  After I was a police officer, I expanded my education into the behavioral and social sciences, and became a child clinical psychotherapist for kids with criminal tendencies.  I obtained advanced training and experience in suicide prevention among youths.  Our leadership must have knowledge is this field.  I will make sure our children have the mental health resources they need, as well as our schools have the tools they need to recognize a student in crisis. 


My ethics, relationship with God, and logic makes me fiercely pro-life.  Our unborn must be protected and cherished.  I will fight for our unborn and will always choose life.

Imigration and Sanctuary Cities

We are losing our national sovereignty, because the rule of law is not being respected.  We must secure our boarders and be very selective when allowing people in our country.  We cannot have open boarders and a welfare state.  It will crush our economy and law enforcement resources.  With that said, I am adamantly against sanctuary cities.

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