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I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri.  I moved to Colorado Springs going on twelve years ago.  I live close to the Air Force Academy, and have opened  a business and made jobs in our area.  I have a six year old daughter and love being a father.  I have two graduate degrees, but my work experience has brought me the most knowledge and has set the base for my conservative roots.


I was an inner-city police officer in Kansas City, Missouri.  I learned how progressive policies can actually attract crime.  These policies are in parts of Colorado and spreading to the doorstep of Northern El Paso County.  I will fight against crime policies that put our families in danger, while fully supporting my brothers and sisters in a police uniform.


While I was a police officer, I formed a great interest in teen criminality and behavior abnormalities.  I went to graduate school for criminal justice, criminology, and behavior and social sciences.  I became a clinical psychotherapist working with many teenagers and adults with major depression disorder and suicidal ideations.  Our area is suffering from suicide, and its downright unacceptable.  We must have a State Representative that has knowledge and experience in this field to assure our community has proper mental health resources.


I'm an entrepreneur, job maker, and person who has had to manage a budget.  I've had employees and their families rely on me to make proper business decisions to assure payroll was met.  As a business owner, I learned how excessive taxes and poorly constructed regulations hinder a business and make it more difficult to make jobs.


I'm a long-time Republican advocate.  I have worked on numerous political campaigns,  knocked on many doors, and volunteered many hours to the Republican Party.  I am a former El Paso County Bonus Member, Chairman of Senate District 9, and Vice-Chairman of House District 14.  Currently, I am the Co-Organizer of the Colorado Springs Republican Meetup. 

In 2017,  I was elected as your Colorado State Representative of House District 14.  When I originally started this position, I quickly learned our state and local governments were struggling to manage the population growth of Colorado, leading to concerns with school overcrowding, sufficient high-paying jobs, cost of real estate, increasing crime, as well as healthcare cost.  Properly managing our Northern Colorado Spring's increasing population growth and assuring we have the proper resources for our citizens is the main focus of my time in the Colorado House of Representatives.


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